At this early stage, our solutions focuses on providing the best training activities in the area of geosciences and engineering, for the efficient execution of studies, modeling, exploration, and production of minerals and hydrocarbons projects (E & P).

The contents of our training actions are designed to cover the learning maps and workflows that E & P projects require. These trainings include especial field activities in places where emblematic geographical features reveal the evolution of earth and the natural distribution of geological materials.

Our instructors are world-renowned specialists, recognized for their contributions in geosciences and engineering, with widely proven expertise, a high ability to transfer knowledge, important experience as consultants for the world’s main energy companies, and carry out academic activities in leading universities.

Our next major venture will deliver technically robust advice, and will support on a wide range of strategic and specific issues to different kinds of business. It will run activities such as data acquisition - processing - modelling, and operations throughout the hydrocarbons and other natural resources’ value chain, including: data management, GIS, oil and gas E & P, opportunities and development of the mining sector, groundwater, geotechnical engineering, natural hazards assessments, feasibility studies.

Terra services & consulting uses leading-edge technologies and practices that can ensure an accurate and reliable resource assessment to carry your project forward from the early financing phase up to the final development.